The 4 Least Expensive and Painless Dental Treatments for a Perfect Smile

The 4 Least Expensive and Painless Dental Treatments for a Perfect Smile

Let’s face it: we want to look our best; for work, for our family, for our social life.

And of all the aspects of physical appearance, a healthy, pleasant smile is the lynchpin to great looks. Thanks to technological advances, people can have the smiles they’ve always wanted – free of chips, stains, and uneven alignment – with the help of your cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is a $4+-billion industry. Cosmetic dentists and their suppliers have responded to the higher demand for brighter, whiter, and straighter teeth with cost-effective, pain-free procedures that can make anyone smile.

While the cost of procedures such as dental implants may be out of reach for some patients, others deliver exceptional value. Here are four of them.


Bonding may be right for you if you wish to repair stained, broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. This procedure can even be used to remove space between teeth. Depending upon the type of repair needed, dentists can do this simple treatment in one office visit by applying an etching solution, followed by a composite resin that matches the coloring of surrounding teeth to the surface of the discolored tooth. Bonding can last for years, but unlike other restorative treatments, it is more susceptible to chipping or staining – so take care of your bonded teeth!

Bleaching or Whitening

Teeth whitening or bleaching has become an extremely popular and cost-friendly way to brighten smiles. It is especially popular among people who have stains or discolored teeth from everyday habits like drinking tea, coffee, or wine, smoking, and certain medications. Dentists offer two forms of treatment when whitening teeth – in-office treatment or a take-home kit.

Some patients find whitening at home more convenient. Dentists simply construct a custom mouthpiece that ensures the appropriate amount of bleaching solution is exposed to every tooth. This at-home procedure can take two to four weeks. For quicker results, an in-office whitening treatment allows the patient to see results within one or more 45- to 60-minute visits.

Many people wonder whether off-the-shelf solutions are just as good as those offered by a dentist. We believe that because dentists are qualified professionals who are way along on the experience curve, they can produce far better results than trying to whiten teeth yourself. (Just saying.).


Veneers are extremely thin and can be custom shaped to cover the surface of a tooth to improve its appearance. These wafer-slim shells can be made from porcelain or a mixture of resin materials. Porcelain veneers protect teeth from stains and look natural. However, resin veneers are thinner than porcelain and often do not require extensive shaving of a tooth’s surface enamel. Before making a decision, discuss the best options for you with your dentist.

What makes veneers so attractive to so many people is that no special maintenance is required other than to practice good oral hygiene, like brushing, flossing, etc. Another advantage to veneers is that gum tissue accepts porcelain and resin veneers very well, and it is a more conservative approach to changing the shape or color of a tooth than, say, a dental crown.

As a dental cosmetic treatment, veneers can be used to mend gaps in a smile, correct bite issues, repair fractures in healthy teeth, and whiten discolored teeth when dental whitening procedures won’t work.

Replacement or Composite Fillings

For more than a century, dentists have used dental amalgam for its durable and highly resistant properties. It’s not only easy to use but very affordable, and, for those reasons, many dentists continue to offer this treatment as an option. But more and more people are requesting tooth-colored or composite fillings to restore their smiles.

These composite fillings can be matched to any tooth enamel for a natural look and can be used on either front or back teeth. Composite fillings are a durable mixture of fracture-resistant materials and can withstand hard chewing.

Time for a Meeting!

Cosmetic dental procedures are now easier than ever. Thanks to advancements in dental technologies, it’s no longer a painful or super-expensive experience to gain a healthy and natural-looking smile you can be proud of.